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LAWN CARE SOLUTIONS _______________________________________________________________ _ Gold Level - for those customers who want their lawn to be the best that it can be Soil Testing:  This helps to give us the information we need to customize your program to fit your soil’s needs and important PH information. Silver Level - for those customers who want their lawn to look great, but don’t need grub control Green Level - our 100% Organic program, for customers who don’t want to use any pesticides in their landscape. Soil Testing Lime application based on soil testing recommendations Three applications of 100% organic fertilizer * A service call is defined as an unscheduled trip to the property outside of your program’s application sdchedule to apply weed or insect control. ** Silver amd Green programs do not include grub control. *** Gold program includes service calls at no additional charge, Silver and Green programs will have a minimum charge of $65 for service calls. With multiple lawn care programs to choose from, your personal preference is guaranteed. Why not contact us to see which lawn care program is right for you? PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS _____________________________________
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